Holiday Cards

This picture here showed up on one of my all time favorite Christmas Photo Cards. Why you ask? Well it was the first year I attempted to do a card on my own without the help of a professional photo studio.

It is time for me to start thinking again about Christmas Cards, and QUICK!!!! Black Friday is over, the tree is up and if I delay any longer I risk getting them out late. Each year I wait until I find the best deal. But then I almost wait too long to get my Christmas Cards out.

We do not like to decorate until the Friday after Thanksgiving so Thanksgiving remains a holiday of it’s own. Once we are fully decorated we like to plop the kids somewhere in the house that looks the best and take the holiday picture.

The photo above is from 2008 and it was the first year I made my own Holiday Cards online. I went with Shutterfly because they had the best deals and I felt the most comfortable with the design process. The designs they had to choose from were very unique and creative.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well it is Cyber week. You can save 50% plus free shipping on your Christmas Photo cards. Now that is a good deal if you ask me. Sale ends December 1st.

I was compensated for passing this deal along with you.  But I would have passed it along anyway! :-).  Seriously 50% off and free shipping is the deal I would typically watch out for.  Are you a blogger and want to participate as well?  Click HERE and sign up!

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