Thanksgiving Thursday's

It is that time of the year again.  Thanksgiving.  A foodie's favorite holiday.  From as far back as I can remember, Thanksgiving has always been a magical time for me.  What I recall as a child with the most fondness is not the food but rather the whole process.  From the planning, listing, invites to the shopping for the food.  It all felt magical to me.  My mother would start two days ahead making pies and side dishes.  The lead up was always a three day process, one we all enjoyed very much.  The best part was the table.  Thanksgiving was when we pulled out the special dishes, utensils and glasses.  Everything matched and was elegant.  We sat at the table and felt like we were somebody special.  

In my world, each Thanksgiving has its own book of recipes I used for that year. This year I decided that I would share some of those recipes with all of you. Each Thursday leading up to Thanksgiving I will start posting some of my old recipes from the archives.   My mother thinks it would be fun to start in order of how dinner will be served.  I agree.  I will also put a tab up top for easy reference.  

The order will be as follows:
  • Soup, Salads & Breads
  • Stuffing/Dressing, Potatoes & Vegetables
  • Cranberry & Desserts

It would be fun if you had some recipes to share as well.

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