Sears KitchenAid Rescue My Appliances: Please vote for....

If you would not mind terribly, I would really appreciate it if you voted for my friend Alison at Under the Big Oak Tree.  Allow me to start by showing you her kitchen.

She keeps these old appliances (dated to about the early 1960's) in pristine shape.  Her kitchen is neat as a pin.  Walking into her kitchen makes you feel like you just arrived at Leave it to Beaver's house complete with appliances.  I don't think I have ever seen an oven in my life time with a dial clock on it.  They look great for old-as-the-hills appliances, but they work just as well as one would expect old-as-the-hills appliances would.  Barely.  They are definitely not reliable.  

I would say the love and care she has given these old beauties qualifies her for a vote for a new set of appliances so that these old work horses could retire with dignity. If you would, head on over to the Sears KitchenAid Rescue my Appliances contest and vote for her real quick.  Its is a good karma thing to do and will enter you in a contest to win a KitchenAid stand mixer of your own.

The voting portion of the contest runs until November 17th, you can vote once a day and each time you vote enters you  in a chance to win that KitchenAid Mixer!  

Thank you so very much and I appreciate your time in reading this post.

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