Menu Plan Monday

I made it out alive, the busiest week of my year.  Well, one of them :-).  I'll be sharing the details of my son's Black Belt Birthday soon.  My mother is in town and the meals selected below are her choices.  My brother is also in town, we are a lucky family this week to be surrounded by so much love.

Today is my son's official birthday so dinner was his choice.  What did he pick?  Chicken Cutlets of course.  I told you it was his favorite ;-).  Certified GF Oats pureed into a powder with parmesan and seasonings.  It is out of this world good.  And the added heart healthy fiber might do us some added good!

Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes.  AGAIN?  LOL, well it is Mom's favorite!

Church Dinner is Cheese Soup.  Maybe we will skip this one!
But what we will end up having if we do not go?  How about Philly Cheese Steak Salad.  I am just going to fry them up the traditional way and either serve on top of a salad or on a wrap or on home made bread.  We shall see what I decide last minute.  Maybe I'll add some baked potatoes to the crock pot.

I never did get to this dish.  I want to make it a special way though. I'm working on a new version of this that I'll share later.

Pizza.  Mom tried the pizza I made for my son's birthday and she said it was gross!  LOL.  It was not my best work and I used canned sauce, I hope to get a chance to prove to her that she was wrong.  Pray for me will ya?  LOL.

Oven Fried Chicken.  Fried chicken used to be our favorite fast food. We can no longer do that so this is our new favorite way to eat "fried" chicken.  In fact it is not fried at all.  We generously season the chicken parts (sticky chicken style) and oven roast low and slow.  GF Rice a Roni as the side.

Gnocchi's are my mom's all time favorite dish and I'm making them from scratch.  I like to serve them with a Bolognese meat sauce.

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