Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 8th, 2010

It is a sugar free week for our house.  We have had entirely too much sugar since Halloween Candy collections took place and we are seeing the too much of the sugar side affects. This is my version of a low carb, low sugar menu.  You will notice carbs, but they will only account for one quarter of the dish.

I voluteered to cook the dinner at Church on Wednesday.  I was not too worried, I am an old pro at cooking for 50 plus, but I have help anyway from a lovely lady friend of mine from Mommies Group. 

Taco Dinner (Ground turkey meat spiced my own way, corn shells, lettuce, tomato, cheese).  

Baked Chicken, Gluten Free Jiffy Corn Bread (replacing the sugar with Stivia or Agave) and Greens.  I love my chicken legs slow roasted with some fresh Spice Island garlic powder, onion powder salt and pepper.  It makes the whole house smell wonderful and it is a really nice alternative to fried chicken.

Wednesday (Church Dinner):
Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli.  

Hamburgers and home made Hamburger Buns, Fries and Broccoli

Oven roasted Lime and Honey Marinaded Pork Chops.  Served with Gluten Free Rice a Roni and Broccoli.

Aeromatic Vegetable Fried Rice

Pasta Night

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