Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 22nd, 2010

It is finally here, Thanksgiving week.  I am so excited.  My family has the majority of the week off.  Black Friday shopping is almost upon us (I love black friday).  Finally we start to decorate for Christmas this week.  Yay!  I did allot of deep cleaning last week to prepare.  I just need to wash the windows.  

Quick and easy skillet meals are on the menu this week as I try and keep it simple in honor of Thanksgiving week.  

I'll cook up some quick Rosemary Chicken.  I love to serve it with a Cheesy Rice dish that is reminiscent of the Lipton Rice and Sauce packets we used to enjoy.  In fact, home made surpasses the packets any day and it literally takes the same amount of time.

I am going to bread and fry some Pork Chops cutlet style.  Some would call this Italian Style, others country fried.  Either name you go with, it is awesome.

Today I am going to make my own Hamburger Helper.  I am going to make up some Macaroni and Cheese.  At the same time I will fry some ground beef with onions and garlic. Next I will add all of the components of my home made brown gravy and then combine them both.  


Turkey Rice Soup and Fresh Rolls

Turkey Pot Pie

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