Menu Plan Monday: Week of November 15th, 2010

My mother, who was here for a two week visit, went home today.  She said two things that were noteworthy.  One, it was the best visit ever.  Two she said I was the busiest woman alive.  She loved my bread.  Loved the stuffing it made.  Was not turned off at all by the Gluten Free pasta.  In fact, the food journey was enlightening.  The only thing she missed was fresh baked sub rolls.  I could have made them for her, but as she stated early on, it is an extremely busy life and she landed right in the middle of the busiest part.  She arrived the day of my son's Black Belt birthday and was tossed right into tournament. Taekowndo.  By the way, my son took first place for his category in Sparring (whoot!).  Those were some awesome little fighting dudes and they were so cute to watch!  What great sportsmanship for such youngsters!  I was so impressed with every one of them.

So what is up this week?

Dare I suggest taco's again this Monday?  You know what, we really enjoyed them last week.

Oven roasted Lime and Honey Marinaded Pork Chops.  Served with Gluten Free Rice a Roni and Broccoli.  I walked around the supermarket one day collecting all Managers specials.  I scored several quality packs of pork that day.  Last week I ended up cooking the pork in a can of Progresso Cream of Mushroom soup.  I turned that into an Alfredo sauce for some noodles and called it dinner.

Church Dinner, to be determined.  This should be interesting for us non gluten eaters.  Nothing to prepare ahead.  I hope they have salad.

Baked Chicken.  We just love our baked chicken.

Pizza!!!!  I did not make pizza last week and boy did I hear about it all weekend.  LOL.  Must not be a slacker this week.

L: Hotdogs

L: Potato Soup
D: Spaghetti with Bolognese Sauce.

Make Ahead List for Thanksgiving:

Pie Crusts
Bread for Stuffing

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