Fabulous Friday Favorites

I noticed around the blogsphere that lots of folks share their favorites on Fridays or Saturdays.  I think that is a great idea.  I found a bunch of great ideas this week I just had to share.

First up, Dr. Laura with her Cheesy Beef Macaroni.  This recipe actually SPOKE to me.  Looks like a home made version of what you get in the box.  Comfort food, pure and simple.  I love that she made a stash for the freezer as well. To make this gluten free, I would be using milk, flour and bouillon instead of the canned soup.
Crock pot baked potatoes,  what a BRILLIANT idea.  I seriously never thought of this.  A baked potato bar is one of our favorite church meals.  On busy days you can just toss them in your crock pot and forget about dinner entirely.  If you have not visited Joy in my Kitchen yet, you should!
Have you seen these adorable Halloween Pumpkin Cookies yet?  Hold them up to the window and the light shines through.  I happen to be working on mastering my Gluten Free Sugar Cookies as we speak.  Its not too late to whip up a batch and make them in time for Halloween!
And last, but not least.  Hoosier Home Made is serving up a fantastic Halloween Breakfast fit for a king.  Always an inspiration over at her place.  I love serving something special for breakfast  to my kids on the morning of a holiday.  They are going to be super surprised to see this.

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