Menu Plan Monday - Week of September 27th, 2010

I just can't believe how time flies.  My son will turn 8 in 33 days.  WOW.  It is going to be a super AWESOME Karate Birthday.  I'm deep into the planning phase of things right now.  I feel that you have so few kid birthdays that each one needs to be spectacular.  This one will be no exception.

Chicken Croquets.  I have made gluten free chicken croquettes before and blogged it.  But have not re-visited this idea since.  My newest inspiration to make it again was a result of a blog I subscribe to.  I just love menu plan Monday for inspiration!  I'm going to make this recipe with this newest one in mind. Chicken Croquettes are chicken bits blended with breading of some sort with an egg binder.  Bake or fry them and top with a chicken gravy.  The version I grew up with had them coated in breading but have seen them without.  In my case, I will be breading them and  I'll either make a quick cream gravy using a chicken bouillon or use Progresso Cream of mushroom soup (again, flavored with bouillon to enhance the chicken flavor). Chicken Croquettes remind me of a gluten free non processed version of those pressed chicken part patties you can buy in the store.  I hope my kids will enjoy them as much as my brothers children did growing up!  I'll serve this with mashed potatoes.  Maybe if I get time I'll make a Pumpkin Spice cake.

Cowboy Stew - I have a friend who receives raves every time she serves this dish.  Intrigued, I wanted to give it a try.  The recipe is called stew, but I think it reads more like a soup or chili.  I am going to try  this version because I like the idea of Texas flavor.  I suppose what I'll end up with is another hybrid.  I wonder if my children will like this?  I'll be serving it with Cornbread.

Church Dinner

Parmesan Dijon Chicken - This dish was received in an email from Betty Crocker.  I typically bread my chicken with a combination of parmesan and oat powder to add fiber and nutrition. I personally would like to try the Dijon and see how it tastes with chicken.  Typically, I reserve this preparation for fish.  Served with Mac and Cheese in case my kids decide they do not like it.  I need to make my Pineapple Upside Down Cake so I can post it.

Pizza: My second attempt at a Pamela's crust resulted in the bottom of the crust sticking to the pan.  The pan i use has air holes which apparently is not a good idea for Gluten Free baking?  Well maybe not if you are pushing and pressing the dough into shape on the pan.  Maybe I need to shape the dough and then transfer to the pan?  I need to master this before my son's birthday.

Twice Baked Smothered Pork Chops.  Again, that email from Betty Crocker inspiring me to bring back out a dish we have enjoyed before.  Chops are pan fried with a crust and then left to marinade in the oven until tender in a lovely white wine and cream of mushroom sauce .  Served with Rice a Roni and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Pasta.  Growing up with an Italian mother means that Sunday's brought three things.  Family visitors, Church and Pasta.  No special deal in preparation.  I'll use my secret special spaghetti sauce, toss a salad and try my hand at some Cheese Bread.

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