Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 13th, 2009


Taco Night.  Its going to be a busy night so I need the quick and easy dinner.  It was either this or hamburgers.  I'm fresh out of bread mix so Taco it is.  I am going to give that Warm Carmel Apple Cake a try tonight.  Never got a chance to try it last time.  We have a huge busy night tonight with Karate, Soccer and Cubs all lined up.  Coming home to a nice dessert would be great.


Pork Chop Suey.  I will never forget the first time my husband tried this.  He looked at me and said, "please make this again".  LOL.  I will serve it with brown rice and brown rice pudding for dessert.


Church Dinner


Ham Steak and home made Macaroni and Cheese.  I think the Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake is going to be on the menu tonight.


Pizza night again.  Last week we did not make pizza on friday.  I forgot that my husband would not be home for dinner so the kids had a quickie dinner instead.  It's the second try at Pamela's tonight along with a nice salad.


Lunch: Game Day, Lunch Out.

Dinner: My Birthday.  Should I cook today?  I'm thinking I should eat out AGAIN.  No cooking for me on my birthday :-)  I'm 41 today and happy to be old and healthy!!!


Lunch: One-pot spaghetti.  Last week I found this link from Org Junkie's linkup.  I have made this sort of thing before in the crock pot.  It takes allot of liquid to cook up the gluten free pasta properly.   I think I'll toss this in the crock pot before church and arrive home to a hot lunch.

Dinner:  I never did get a chance to make the gluten free pierogi made into pot stickers.  I want to blend this recipe from Celiac Teen in with this one from Alton.  My son LOVES potstickers so if this works, we will be golden!!!!  I wonder if I can get some rice papers and make egg rolls and dip them in a Tempora batter to give them a more authentic feel?

Need more ideas:

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