Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 6th

I almost completely forgot about it being Monday.  The holiday threw me off.  So I had better get planning what to have for dinner and lunches.

Soccer season started so that means Monday: Karate & Cubs, Tuesday: Soccer, Wednesday: Church, Thursday: Karate & Soccer, Friday: FREE.   Its a super crazy time for us.  Dinner will be started around here at 1:30.  The kids will be fed at 3:30 when they get home.  And then maybe a snack when we mozy on home at about 7.  It is not ideal, I like to eat as a family.  We will just have to settle with family DESSERT!!!  You will find me creating dessert every other day for just this purpose.

Lunch: Hotdogs and Baked Beans

Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf.  I never did get to make this. We had turkey burgers instead. The meat is defrosted now though so it MUST get done today.   I'm going to take this opportunity to make two and freeze one for another time.  We will serve it with mashed potatoes and brownie bites made from BC's GF mixfor dessert.  I found a new mini square muffin pan that would be great for this purpose.  I want to make a huge bunch so they can be packed in lunches.

Lunch: Home Made Luncheables

Dinner: Chicken Cutlets.  I will bread the chicken breasts with GF Oat Flour and Parmesan Cheese.  This is our favorite way to have our chicken cutlets.  I'll cook up some quick and easy skillet apples and blog a tutorial later in the week.

Lunch: Brown Rice, Green Beans, Orange Slices

Dinner:  Church Dinner (I believe its cheese burgers, so I'll be doing some roll baking).

Lunch: Green Salad with Dressing, Apple Sauce, Cookies

Dinner: Remember that Sam's Club Gluten Free Mozzarella & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage? Well there is still some in the freezer. It was extremely good!!! Serving it the same way, on a bed of Caramelized Peppers and onions and home made Rice a Roni on the side.  Warm Carmel Apple Cake for dessert.

Lunch: Mini Pizza's (Luncheable Style).  It's pizza day at school and I'd hate for my daughter to miss out!!!

Dinner:   Remember Friday's is pizza night?  Well last weeks tapioca starch pizza was a massive failure.  Both of my Gluten eating boys told me it was the worst ever.  LOL.  An Extraordinary Flop if you will, Haha.    Hey, I should start a thread with my Extraordinary flops.  They want me to re-visit the Pamela's crust with less spices and maybe make the pie bigger so the crust is not as thick.  Next week, I'm going to head over to Linda's place and try HER recipe.

LunchVegetarian Pasta E. Fagioli Soup

Dinner: Its Vegetarian themed but I have no idea what.  I need to find some vegetarian bloggers to follow for ideas.  Remember those chocolate cookies I  ordered from Pamela's?  Well they will make an appearance in a fabulous Gluten Free Oreo Pie for dessert!

Lunch: Hot Wings and Mac & Cheese

Dinner: Chicken and Dumplings

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