Ideas for getting the House ready for the Holidays

I have been looking around the house and thinking about the holidays lately.

Okay, so you're probably thinking that it's ridiculously early to be thinking about this, I know.  But the planning phase has already started in my head.  September is FLYING by and I hate to rush around for something I had a year to plan for.  Thanksgiving is HUGE deal at my house.  Its my favorite holiday and I LOVE to cook.  I love even more a holiday that is focused on family and food. I want everything to be perfect.  And since we are not rich, planning ahead and keeping an eye out for the decided upon items helps me stick to my budget.
ORE 3 Piece Nesting Table Set

So what CAN I do to spruce up the house?  Well I can get rid of the plant stands we use as end tables for one.

I opened my email this morning and a fellow blogger was mentioning end tables on her recent blog post.  So I clicked the link that lead me to CSN Stores.  I like CSN Stores.  I purchased my daughter her first kitchenette there.  It was something I could not find in stores.

While browsing, I found a nice set of end tables.  It is also very reasonably priced at $60.99 including Free Shipping.  Here out in the middle of nowhere, free shipping ROCKS!

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This other table is cute too.  See the feet on the bottom?  So instead of the plant stand I can roll out the hideaway table.

End tables are just one of the items on my list.  I have rugs to clean, curtains to consider.  Maybe even paint a wall or two.  Will I get around to painting? I've lived in this house for a year.  It's still painted in the "sell this house" neutral.  My mom loves the color, I'm not so fond of it.

I will be keeping my eye out for good deals to spruce up the house.  So be on the lookout.  I'll be sure to pass the good deals along.  Let me know what is on your list, OK?

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