Bloggy Love - My favorite posts for the week...

I have been saving a bunch of great recipe posts in my mail box for a few days now.   I decided its high time I shared all of the wonderful ideas I stumbled upon this week.  Here are my favorite posts this week:

A Year of Slow Cooking posted this Peanut Butter Cup Cake Recipe back in April.  For some reason I'm only seeing it this week.  Now that school is back, I see this recipe coming in very handy. Going to parties with a celiac child means you probably should bring a dessert that SHE can eat.  This one has molten chocolate on the bottom.  Who does NOT love warm dessert????  I think this dessert will be more popular than whatever is being served.  And that is exactly what I look for in a dessert.  It must outshine the gluten desserts!!!

Under the Big Oak Tree featured this Banana Cake recipe this week.  It reminds me of my Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake.  Only this recipe uses bananas and yogurt instead.  No EGGS, what an awesome idea!!!  Oh, and lets not forget chocolate. I'm pretty sure that my kids will eat anything with chocolate in it. This combination makes this cake a sure fire winner with the kids.  I can't wait to bake this up and let the kids give me their opinion.  This recipe is not Gluten free, don't let that stop you from making it. All my best ideas come from gluten using chefs!!!

This idea and blog is not a new one.  Why then is it I am only hearing about this now?  My son picked up a copy of a check out mini style cook book  from Betty Crocker.  "Mommy, aren't these cool"?  Yes, indeed they are.  Paula Deen was featuring Bakerella in this book with her fabulous Cake Pop's.  They were Pumpkin's on a stick.  I'm in love with this idea for the Celiac Child.  Definitely going to give this a try gluten free.  Its not for the faint of heart though. I have read about lots of flops and crumbled pops.  I'm going to give them the old Girl Scout try though.  I think if my daughter brought these in to school, they would outshine the gluten cupcakes for sure!!!

Elana's Pantry posted a stuffed peppers recipe this week that I thought was an excellent idea.  She is stuffing her peppers with ground turkey. Some of you may already know that ground turkey is my new ground choice.  Add to that my favorite spices: Cilantro, Cumin and Chili Powder.  Sounds wonderful don't you think?  I knew Elana's Pantry had wonderful baking recipes using Almond Flour.  I guess I did not think to look at her Entrees.  I personally love almonds and am in love with the idea of making my pancakes and carrot cake from almond flour.  Using Almond flour is not just a Celiac thing either.  Those who are diabetic or just want to be healthy or low carb could try these great ideas.  

Follow that up with this great Cauliflower Rice idea.  Two great ideas in one week from the same blog.  For me, that is rare.  I LOVE cauliflower.  I have made a version of this recipe before and loved it.  I also love the idea of "hiding" veggies in my food.  You all know how my son HATES to eat his veggies.  This also reminds me of the time I hid cauliflower Puree inside the mashed potatoes.  Even my brother in law who does not eat his veggies was fooled.  My sister still laughs about that one.  I put my cauliflower into my food processor feed chute with the small grate bit in.  Results looked just like rice.  

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