Amazon Sale: Save up to 25% off Pamela's Cookies

I have been doing some research on back to school lunch options.  My recent quest was for cookies.  I have tried one brand so far.  In speaking to some gluten free mommies, I have been advised that Pamela's cookies are a good choice for packed lunches.  I also received lots of great recipes to try (more later on that) as well as other pre-packaged cookie options.

I am ticket shocked at the price with shipping at some of the options.  You can pay as much as $2.80 a cookie with shipping for some products.  I feel a tiny bit like its the fleecing of the special diet America and simply will not pay that much for a single cookie.  That is why I am in love with the Amazon Prime program.  I has rewarded me so many times with its free shipping.

This morning I received a message in my email box about Pamela's cookies - Grocery Back To School sale.  Here is the deal I worked up based on the sale.

Simplebites Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies, 7 oz. pouches (pack of 6)

Sale Price: $16.92 (must look for Prime listing)
Subtract - $1.69 Back to School Promotion
Subtract - $2.54 Subscribe and Save (I signed up for every 6 months delivery)

Final Price: $12.69 with 2 day shipping for 6 pouches

Thats $2.11 per 7 ounce bag.  AWESOME!

Side note.  You should not be afraid to sign up for subscribe and save program.  You are in charge of your shipments.


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