Summer Potato Harvest

As I mentioned before, this is our first year of organic gardening.  Pictured above is our very first ever attempt at growing potatoes.  Yukon Gold's to be exact.  We had two bowl's of this size.  Though the week I have been attempting to create several ways to serve these potatoes.  I wanted to do something special and honor all of our hard work.  Something that would send the message to our children that growing your own is better than any other option.

First up, Parsley Potatoes.  No recipe required.  Just boil 2 pounds of the smaller potatoes in the bunch until tender.  2T butter, 2T Oil.  Stir fry and season with parsley and salt. Add whatever seasonings you would like.  I'm Italian so I'd add garlic.  Except I know my kids would not eat it then.

Our second use for potatoes was a one layer Potato Galette.  I simply sliced the bigger potatoes, layered with seasonings, drizzled with oil and butter.  Topped with parmesan cheese.  I baked this dish for an hour until the potatoes were super tender.  The kids went for thirds with this dish.  So a HUGE success.

What I have left is the super small potatoes.  I am thinking something with pasta.  An enhancer to another dish.  Maybe soup?  Maybe you have ideas?

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