Storing Lettuce and Cabbage in a Jar.

This year we started our own organic garden.  I'll share this picture from early on this season.  Here where we live in Arkansas, we get to plant very early compared to our family back home who are just getting started.

We have two raised beds and about 7 30 foot long rows.

We are first time gardeners though.  This means we did not think to spread out the planing of each vegetable to harvest at different weeks.  We had 5 heads of lettuce ready to pick all at once.

Just look at this Bibb Lettuce.  Its just GORGEOUS!  There was no way we could use up all that lettuce right  away.  AND THEN I read about this lady!  I found her totally by accident in fact.  She calls it Salad-in-a-jar.  To me, Salad is more than lettuce. But the idea is wonderful.  She shows you a day by day tutorial of the various storage methods and how each item ages.  Clearly the lettuce keeps for a long time (in pictures).

I too have a food saver.  I have not used my food saver in well over a year but it too had the jar attachments.  First I washed and dried the lettuce real good.  This lady suggested using the metal seal with the rubber underneath and placing the food saver vacuum lid on top.  I held the lid down until the vacuum was able to operate on its own.  The contraption did its thing until I heard a snap on the metal lid.  Its done.  I quickly screwed on the ring to keep it sealed.  Voila.

10 days later I uncapped the first of 3 jars.  Totally fresh.  Every bit as fresh as the day I put it in the jar.

Next up, cabbage in the jar.  After all, its cabbage harvesting time for us.


  1. Wow, who knew? I have a vacuum sealer, but not the jar attachment. I need to get one, because I throw lettuce out too often. We love our salads, but there's always that last handful, you know? This is a great idea!

  2. I love this idea! I can't wait to get the attachment and some jars!

  3. Wow! I've got tons of jars, but no vacuum sealer. Wonder if I can use my swagbucks to get one. This would definitely help us eat healthier and up all of the lettuce in one head. So glad you posted this, I'd never heard of it before.

  4. Great idea- had no clue it would work!
    *Blessings* LIB

  5. I have never heard of this! Thanks for sharing! What a neat idea!


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