Frugal Swiffer Wet Cloths

Gross isn't it?  Picture of my dirty mop!  LOL.

My friend Melanie created a solution to the Swiffer wet cloth purchases.  She crochet'ed herself a solution. I LOVED this idea. I really hate when I need to do a quick mop and discovered I have run out of cloths. Even list keeping control freaks like me have this happen on occasion.  The cheap frugal part of me hates  that I have to keep buying them in the first place.  She is a crocheting genius I tell ya!

I have put it to work and it keeps up with me.  Cleans the floor nicely.  Does not leave puddles on the floor at all.  Amazing what a bit of wool can absorb.  Then when I'm done I just toss in in the wash (do not dry it though, it will shrink).  Its similar in theory to the steam mop I use.  But the steam mop is a big ordeal and takes a while since the small water reservoir does not last long.  I like the swiffer for before bedtime or if somebody calls on their way over and you only have 5 minutes.

It reminds me of the old Mop and Glow theory.  Squirt on the floor, mop with your trusty mop and its so quick and easy. If you like this idea, you should head on over to visit Melanie and ask her to make you one too!

I am posing this to We Are That family's Works for me Wednesday.
Life As Mom's Frugal Friday.

*Note, Cloth's are spelled incorrectly in the net address bar on purpose.  I do not want Swiffer corporate angry at me for suggesting a method that will hurt their profits :-).


  1. I'm so glad they work for you and thank you for sharing my name :) Anytime you need anything else, you let me know!


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