Make your own Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter

So for Earth day and as a follow up to our camping week end with the cub scouts we decided to make our own Upside Down Tomato Planter.  A friend showed me this link and I decided to give it a try.

The Materials List:

Empty 2 Liter Bottle
Eye Bolt with Washer
Duct Tape
Drill or Dremmel
Tomato Plant
Wax Paper

I prepped the bottles by pre-drilling the holes both on the side for access and plant insert and on the very bottom center just wide tough to place the eye bolt though.  

(for more details see link above)

At our meeting we had the boys insert the eye bolts and explained what the bolt would do (hang the plant)

Next we wrapped the tomato plant with wax paper leaving 3/4's of the root ball exposed.  We explained that the purpose of this was to not damage the leaves while wiggling the plant though the small opening of the soda bottle and to block up the hole a bit while upside down so the dirt don't slowly fall out.

The plant was then carefully inserted in the side hole and wiggled though the bottom bottle opening upside down.  The exposed wax paper was ripped off around the bottle leaving the side in tact.

Next we went outside to the garden and allowed the boys to add the dirt to the planter.  We used Moisture Control soil purchased at our garden center.   This soil has moisture beads that helps soil stay moist in rough conditions.  

Final stop was the duct tape.  The purpose of the tape from what I read is to not expose the plant roots to the sun.  We used Camo tape.  Taping was easier in strips than to attempt one long strip.  It was probably a better idea to do the tape before the plant but we figured being able to see the plant while insert was a better idea.  

Remind boys to be responsible and water plan EVERY DAY until water drips out the bottom.


  1. I love this idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing! The hubs has been wanting Topsy Turvy planters and I just cannot see spending that much for a gimmick type item! I love the idea of making them!

    I bet that those cheapy 3 liter bottles would work great too! Or those giant Hawaiian Punch bottles!

    Thanks for providing the link to the tutorial too!

  2. I just KNEW you would love it! :-).
    Be careful with the bigger holed bottles. The plant may fall out (or the dirt). This bottle will work fine if you remember to water it daily.


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