My project for today

Today I am going to start to make all the various dried beans (black, pinto, kidney, cannelloni) for my meals for the week and freeze a bunch for later use.

I also want to give Pupusas a try. I was reading about it here. Followed her along to her inspiration here. Then I thought ahh, the scrapple lady. I like a lady who can make scrapple (laugh). Although the taste of her scrapple recipe was not true to my Philly tastes, it was so close to home it was pure comfort. Add all this to the fact that I have a whole bunch of cheap pork, two giant bags of the special flour needed to make these and that I had beans and rice on the agenda anyway and voila.

I'm going to have to start taking more pics though like my friend Alison. I can see how the pictures makes things much more appealing.

I'll also start some make ahead mashed potatoes and brown rice for the freezer.

Yesterday I sliced up some sale split chicken breasts into 5 dinners and used the bones and skin to make 5 2-cup servings of chicken stock.


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