Freezer Cooking, Dinner Starters, Make Ahead List

Have you seen my post here? My style is more like making my own convenience foods and dinner starters, not making ahead full dinners.  I still love to give that home made feel each night but don't want  cooking to consume my evening.  My make ahead list is ever growing as I continue to  replace my processed foods and canned goods with my own.  Eliminating processed and canned foods leaves you with what I believe is Whole Foods.  What has provided us as nourishment though the earth.
Why would I do all this?  I was seriously ill and a part of what helped my cure was eliminating processed foods entirely.  It was actually doctor prescribed.  At first I only did it for the time I was being treated.  But my mother strongly URGED me to keep it up.  There must be SOME reason you were told to do that she would say.  What harm could it be to continue she says.  I was always the child that listened to my mother.  Her words sunk in. If it helped me, it will help my children be healthy was well right?  That was all the motivation I needed.  I'm still working on it.  I have not mastered it yet, but i will.

Rice a Roni Dry Mix
Jiffy Corn Bread Dry Mix
Cream Soup Dry Mix
Hamburger Rolls Dry Mix
Pre-Cooked Rice
Pre-Cooked Beans (red, black and white)
Refried Beans
Escalloped Apples
Mashed Potatoes
Bolognese Meat Sauce
Tomato Sauce (same as bolognese without meat)
Ground Beef Base
Soup Starter (cup each of diced onions, carrots and celery)
Stock (chicken and beef)
Twice Based Potatoes


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