Menu Plan Monday: Week of February 1st, 2010

This past week was my first official shopping trip since I signed up for the eat from the pantry challenge. I managed to save $150 dollars on Mega Event and Coupons. I scored some Johnsonville Brats/Italian Sausages for $1.89 a pack after mega and coupons, $3 packs of chicken breasts (4 breast with bone in each pack that turns out to be 5 dinners for us plus free stock), a few 4-1/2 pound packs of pork butt for a dollar a pound that I'll slice in half and make 4 dinners out of (in fact some ham and cabbage is in the crock now), $.99 cent packs of bacon, $.99 packs of Oscar Mayer hotdogs, $.99 packs of Little Debbies snack cakes, $.99 cent 5-lb. bags of potatoes and $80 cent dozen eggs. And lets not forget the Sargento cheese. I had peelie coupons that I got from pack of shreds a few months back. I held onto those coupons for just the right sale and I'm glad I did. The Sargento cheese ended up being $.50 cents a bag after my coupons and mega. It was dollar days locally too so I was able to partake in lots of good deals like that but I wont list them all. I just need to order my special Gluten Free flours and such and I'm all good again.

Let me go to posting my menu plan for the week. I just felt that you would understand my menu better if you seen what I'm stocked full of. Here goes:

Monday: Rice and Beans served with Corn Chips
(I'm going to try THIS recipe)

Tuesday: Sausage, Rice and Bean Enchilada's using Corn Tortillas
(You see why Rice and Beans was made first? I'll double THIS recipe and freeze one)

Wednesday: Lasagna made with Italian Sausage (sale item)
(You don't really need a recipe for this do you?)

Thursday: Hamburgers served with Home Made Cheese Rolls & Home Made Fries
(The roll recipe can be found here thanks to THIS post)

Friday: Home Made Pizza. Gluten Free for me, regular for the family.
(Lots of cheese handy now. Kinnikinnick for me. You can find my fabulously easy no roll crust here for gluten eating folks)

Saturday: Meatloaf served with Macaroni and Cheese
(Gluten Free mac and cheese. Tinkyada pasta and Kraft Cheese powder)

Sunday: Roast Beef served with Mashed Potatoes


  1. Looks like you have a wonderful menu! I'm having homemade pizza this week too!


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