Eat from the Pantry Challenge

Have you seen this wonderful list yet? Its just a sample of all the wonderful ideas to inspire you while you are eating from the pantry.

What you have:
What you can make:

canned beans,
canned tomatoes

Simple bean chilli – serve with rice or tortillas
Bean soup – add veges, stock, spices
Bean burgers – mash beans and make patties

rice, onion, stock
Risotto – add leftover vegetables, meat, sausages, parmesan
Rice pilaf – add spices, nuts and vegetables

pasta, onion,
canned tomatoes

Tomato pasta sauce – add herbs, garlic, wine, stock, tomato paste
Pasta bake – layer in a dish and add cheese, breadcrumbs, and any veges you have

lentils, stock,
canned tomatoes

Spicy lentil soup – add garlic, spices, herbs, leftover sausages
Dhal (lentil curry) – add curry, yoghurt, chilli spices

canned tuna, potatoes
Fish cakes – add an egg, lemon juice, breadcrumbs, herbs

flour or tortillas,
tomatoes or tomato

Pizza – add cheese, vegetables, meat, herbs

potatoes, onion
Potato gratin – add milk, breadcrumbs, cheese

potatoes or kumara,
onion, stock

Vege soup – add other veges and your favourite spices and herbs

coconut milk or
evaporated milk,
potatoes or kumara

Vege curry – add any other veges you have, fresh or frozen,
and curry spices or curry paste


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