Eat From The Pantry Challenge - First Shopping Trip Update

I went to Walmart to do my first shopping trip for my January challenge. In case you had not noticed, I started this challenge last week. No coupons in hand, just the basics were needed. Here is what I ended up with:

Bread: $2.17
Bread: $2.17
Cola: $.78
Twist Up Soda: $.78
Twist Up Soda: $.78
Snickers (snack sized strip): $1.00
Hershey's (snack sized strip): $1.00
Donut Sticks: $1.62
Cream Cheese: $1.67
Sour Cream: $.66
Gallon Milk: $2.84
Gallon OJ: $3.74
Dozen pack Ramen Noodles: $1.98

Grand Tally: $21.19

By the way, have you seen the ridiculous cost of BREAD? My stars. I seriously need to start making my own bread or getting a bread-maker.


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