Thanksgiving Planner and Timeline

I had such a nice and easy time this year preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. I took my time, made ahead a little each day. Scheduled time to relax with my family each day. One day we went out to a buffet, one day we went to the movies and enjoyed Thanksgiving themed crafts. Each night we all cuddled on the couch and it was just lovely. The timeline worked so nicely, I decided to blog about it for next year.

A week or two ahead:
Plan menu
Review all recipe and cross check with your pantry
Make shopping list
Purchase all necessary ingredients
Buy frozen turkey and place in refrigerator to thaw (takes a week)
Made Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes and placed them in the deep freezer

Make Fresh Loaves of Bread
Make Fresh Pie crusts
Peel, Slice Bake/Boil Sweet Potatoes
Take Potatoes out of Deep Freezer an put in refrigerator

Turn Fresh loaf of bread into Croutons
Make Carrot Souffle
Make Cranberry Sauce

Make Pies (cheesecake, mousse pie, pumpkin)
Make cream soup
Make French Fried Onions (leave out on cookie sheet or they will get soft)
Chop Veggies for Stuffing
Make Brine for Turkey

Wednesday Night:
Place thawed turkey in brine overnight
Vacuum and Mop

Thanksgiving Day:

Make fresh loaves of bread for Breakfast/Dinner
Add onions to oven to re-crisp if necessary
Cook Onions and Celery for Stuffing & Make Stuffing (allow to cool)
Place Carrot Souffle in Crock Pot
Clean up and wash all dishes (put away)

Mid Morning:
Set Table
(If using linens that need ironing, do so a few days before)

11 am:
Make Sweet Tea
Prep and set out small snacks and finger sandwiches

2 PM:
Whip fresh cream for pies
Brew Coffee if serving

Take Turkey out and Tent
Place sides in oven
Make Turkey Gravy


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