Swiffer Wet Refill

Works for me Wednesday - Cleaning Edition

I'd like to offer up my tip for frugally replacing the fluid container for your Swiffer Wet.

1. Run bottle cap under hot water.
2. Take a pair of pliers and open cap while still under hot water gently making sure you dont damage it.
3. Refill with your favorite dollar store or frugal find cleaner.
4. Twist cap back on.

This method works great. Best of all, it does not leak. Try it.

Now if I could only find a way to adequately replace those pads. I heard of ladies using the shammies but does that really work?


  1. I just use a wahs cloth on my swiffer. BUt I don't the wet swiffer, Just the original, but it still works with a wet wash cloth. Its the perfect size

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