Menu Plan Monday

I did it! I followed my menu plan all week :-). Beef Barley soup turned out to be beef and mushroom over noodles though. I forgot to add the rest of the ingredients. It was good and I still used the leftover roast so a huge frugal success. I don't think the idea of a menu plan though is that you MUST FOLLOW IT EXACTLY but rather a guideline. For the most part. I feel I do better if I follow it though.

My kids hate what I make. All the time. I have no clue how other mom's get their kids to eat whatever they make. I refuse to allow them to eat hotdogs, mac and cheese and pizza all the time though.

B: Homemade Oatmeal
D: H.Helper Lasagna (this was a great convenience for our most busy day. Kids hated it and I felt it was empty calories. I must do better but I had some so I figured make do.) Note to self: do some make ahead freezer meals!

B: Waffles
D: Chicken Enchiladas & Rice

B: French Toast
D: Beef Stew

B: Egg/Buttered Toast
D: Pork Roast (my last one, I need more!)

B: Cereal
D: Salisbury Steak over Buttered Noodles

B: Waffles
D: ?

B: Eggs, bacon
L: Family Lunch (help, I need ideas for after church lunch)
D: Pasta


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