The solution to a Home Phone number

Ever since we recently relocated to another state, we debated over the expense of a house phone. Our last home phone was nothing more than an answering service. Everybody who needs to use a phone in our house has a cell. Anybody who we really needed to speak to us ASAP had those cell numbers and knew to use them. So that left our poor old answering machine sometimes with 20 messages waiting. Once we moved, we tried to do without a land line. None of us wanted to change our long established phone numbers. Not having a local number was becoming and issue. For me job searching. For school's records. Who's phone would be put as the "HOME" number?

That is when we discovered Google Voice. Though Google voice we have a local phone number. We record this phone number as our "HOME" number on our various forms. Whenever somebody calls us, the call is directed to my cell phone. The message that may result is also sent to our computers.

The cost? Nothing. So without anybody ever realizing we don't have a land line ~ our problems are solved.


  1. Lisa, this is great! My family keeps telling me that I'll need a land line when the baby goes to school (in 5 years!) Policies may change by then, but good to know that there is another option. No point in getting a land line that will probably never ring since everyone calls my cell phone. Just to pay the bill every month IN CASE school calls. Nope, that not a neccessary expense in my eyes. Great job finding a frugal solution!


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