Saving money on after school activities

I signed my children up for several activities this season.

1) Soccer
2) Taekwondo
3) Boy Scouts

Soccer was only $30 to join. Boy Scouts was only $10. Taekwondo is $55 a month (a necessary expense). It never occurred to me that I would have to spend a fortune on uniforms and camping gear until my dear husband pointed it out to me. At first I was mad. Darn it, I don't have a fortune to spend and I really wanted them to be able to participate.

So with my challenge clearly laid out ahead of me, I set on my path of creatively finding what I needed for allot less.

1) My first stop was to call friends who may have equipment they no longer needed and willing to part with. I received allot of great tips and suggestions this route. Family member with a tent maybe, where to find the greatest sleeping bags, even a spare Karate uniform.

2) I then visited our local thrift shops. Found 2 pairs of soccer shorts for each child in plain black for a whopping $1.25 total at an 80% off summer clearance sale. I got lucky with brand new Soccer shoes for my kids in their sizes ($20 for two). Soccer was all set (Jerseys are handed out by the club).

3) I visited a consignment shop and found so great nylon/fleece clothes for camping for my son (including a great Jacket). Secured some great fleece PJ's too.

4) My next stop was to shop the online sales for Labor Day. Found a $60 mummy style sleeping bag for $20 with free shopping (one day only sale). No luck on the husbands bag yet but I'm confident I'll get there soon.

5) Finally I'm bidding on Ebay for things like new hiking boots for my son and Under Armour clothes for both. Under Armor type garments run about $60 a piece here. I'll secure these sets for $30 total.

So far I have not spent more than $71.25 bucks and I'm very pleased with how prepared we are.

If you would like to find any other great money and time saving tips visit wearethatfamily.


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