My Coupons were not Deducted at the Register

Has this ever happened to you? Found out on the way home, too late unless you turn around and argue......hope for the best? This is the worst possible thing that can happen to me at the supermarket.

Yesterday I had this unfortunate thing happen to me. Two $1/2 grands coupons, two $.50/2 green giant coupons which should have been doubled, $1.00 J&J buddies coupon, $.50 which should have doubled BC Potatoes coupon, $.50/2 Fruit Snacks which should have doubled.

I have and ace in the hole though. I have a sister who works for Kroger. She knows all the tricks (as an employee and shopper both) and she passes these tidbits onto me. I just had to share this one with all of you. Put your initials somewhere on your coupon. Next time either a cashier steals (yes unfortunately it happens) or makes a mistake you can go back and prove it without argument. You wont need to argue, get all upset or hope for a nice CS person. They can simply check the drawer for YOUR coupons.

To read about more money saving tips, go to Frugal Friday hosted by Life As Mom.


  1. Excellent tip! I've had that happen to me more than once. I've been lucky and the manager has "believed" me without question and given me a refund.


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