Menu Plan Monday

Our Family come up with a new system. My children generally hate what I cook. They dislike almost everything. Plus my son's teacher said my son was having trouble focusing at school. Not eyes focus but paying attention. So just like the cereal commercial, I decided his habit of not eating breakfast had to end. I now get up an entire hour earlier to cook a full breakfast. The reason my kids wont eat breakfast is they get up late and are not ready to eat. To fix that they go to bed an hour earlier and now get up an hour earlier. Our whole loves have been disrupted with a new "Family Routine". So far, its working.

Long story short, my kids have been allowed to just have cereal for dinner as long as its eaten at the family table. I will still cook for my husband and I. I am also trying to add more fruits and veggies in our breakfasts/dinners.

Sunday: Meatloaf/Mashed Potatoes

Breakfast - Waffles & 1/2 banana
Dinner - Leftover Meatloaf sliced and warmed in gravy/Buttered noodles (see Alison's Post)

Breakfast - Cheesecake Pancakes w/Strawberry Sauce
Dinner - Beef Stew with dumplings (an old family way of making stew, similar to chicken and dumplings)

Breakfast - Scrambled Egg, Toast, strip of Bacon
Dinner - Beef Pot Pie (made from stew leftovers)

Breakfast - Fruit/Yogurt/Granola Parfait
Dinner - Marinaded Chicken Breasts / Corn Souffle

Breakfast - French Toast & 1/2 banana
Dinner - Bacon wrapped Pork Loin, sliced potatoes

Breakfast - Waffles
Lunch - Hot Wings/Mac and Cheese/Celery
Dinner - Out

Breakfast - Eggs, Hash Browns, bacon, toast
Lunch - Vegatarian Pasta E. Fagioli Soup/Bread
Dinner - Baked Ziti


  1. Thanks for the link to my post! Glad dad was an inspiration to your menu plan for this week! LOL!

    I hated when dad would heat the meatloaf in gravy, I liked it cold on white bread with ketchup for lunch the next day! But dad's cooking was almost always gravy and buttered noodles with whatever leftover meat! I can appreciate the frugal-ness of it now!


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