Kroger Deals for week ending 9/22/09

Another MEGA event this week. Not as great for me, I only recently discovered where to get the Sunday paper for the big town nearby. Below you will find the list of items I plan on purchasing thanks to the Kroger mailing I received. I just want to warn you, if you receive a mailing and do not use the coupons they send, you may not receive the next batch.

Kellogs Pop Tarts $1.98

.55 coupon Kroger Mailer
.55 double

Charmin $1.88
.25 coupon Sept. All You
.25 double

Kraft Cheese $1.87
1.00/2 Kroger Mailer
1.37 each
(not a great price for shreads, Kroger brand is 1.20)

Kraft Dressing $1.49
-1.00 coupon Kroger Mailer

Juicy Juice $1.99
-1.00/2 Kroger Mailer or here
1.49 each

Oscar Mayer Lunchable $1.99
-1.50/2 Kroger Mailer
1.24 each
(considering school lunch costs $2, this sounds good to me)

2-Oscar Mayer Lunchable $1.99
-1.00 Printable or here
99 each

Oscar Mayer Bologna or Salami $1.49
-1.00/2 Kroger Mailer
.99 each

Lean cuisine $1.77
-2.00/3 Sept All You
1.10 each

Velveeta Mac & Cheese $1.19
1.28 each
(my family KNOWS when its Velveeta, there is a taste difference but its too expensive to buy every day)

Wheat Thins $1.99
-1.00 printable
.99 each

I had a few other things I needed to get as well that I added onto the list:
2 bags of Kroger pretzels (.55/2 doubled),
10 boxes of Hefty One Zip Freezer bags ($1.00/2, 50 cents each),
6 cans of cream corn,
Old El Paso deal with 3 packets of seasoning and 3 cans of refried beans (.60/2 shortcuts, 3 .60/2 no longer available printable),
Kroger Sour Cream,
6 Yoplait Yogurts (2 $.60/3 coupons, plus $60/6 shortcuts),
Kraft BBQ sauce (free with 2/velveeta shells),
Orida Mashed Potatoes ($1.00 coupon),
Mentos (.55 doubled) and an
egg plant.

As I seen the total go past 100, started to panic. I realized I forgot to scan my Kroger card. So the total came down to approximately $87. She then took off my rain check and coupons and the final price was:

Total Paid:
56 items

Total without coupons and savings:

For those of you who print out all the new coupons available ahead of time (the ones you feel you will use), Do you have some Old El Paso coupons left? There is a Catalina deal going on. Buy 3 products, save $1 on your next beef or chicken purchase. Buy 6 products and save $3.

Buy 3 packs of taco season for
$.99 each = 2.97.
-.60/2 Shortcuts
-.60/2 Printable (no longer active)
-.60 doubled
1.17/3 and receive $1.00 coupon

I also received a printout that outlines a Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands biscuit offer. Coupon states:

Buy any Pillsbury Refrigerated Grands or Grands Junior biscuits (all count sizes) between 9/7 and 10/4.

Buy (3) and get 1.00
Buy (4) and get 1.50
Buy (5) or more and get 2.00

Coupon off your next Shopping Order. Lots of printable out there available for Grands. Combine them with the Shortcuts loadable. With any luck, they will go on sale again soon.


  1. I might have an El Paso for you...I'll check and let you know. If I do, I'll send it out to you.


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