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Do kids need new sneakers for school? Not always. But for my son who spent the summer in either crocks or flip flops we had not realized his sneakers did not fit at all. His heart was set on the new Slimers shoes by Stride Rite. Considering I live 50 miles from the closest mall, I really wanted another option. I would spend another $20 to $30 just getting to the mall. So I looked online. First with Amazon. We joined Amazon for the discount shipping. Living in a small town, we like this Amazon shopping option. They did not have the exact shoe we were looking for, however.

That is when I found Shoebuy. This site offers free shipping as well as free return shipping. So my next task was to try and determine his shoe size.

Size, thats another issue with ordering shoes online. offers a printable sizing chart for kids. You can print it out and try your luck. We first sampled it with my daughter. Hers said she was exactly the size she feels comfortable with. My son's however was another story. His said he should be a full size smaller than what actually fits his foot. My husband feels its a manufacturing difference. There is a chance no matter what.

His Sketchers were a size 1, were tight and his toe went all the way to the end. I went with a 2 wide. I was always told that children's sneakers should have a thumbs width from end of toe to the end of shoe. I was pretty happy with the fact that this site had a huge selection of all the shoes my son was interested in and had his size too, great!

First thing I do before checking out is go to and look for codes. Cool, they have a code that offered me $5.20 off my order. Registering with Shoebuy resulted in another 10% discount of $4.68. In the end I spent $42.00 for a nice pair of Stride Rite shoes with shipping. That same shoe retails for $55 in the store. So I feel like I did very good.

If you are shopping online, I strongly suggest you go to retailmenot first. They have never failed to save me some money.


  1. A $13 savings is fabulous! I'm going to try the next time I need shoes. I have huge issues with shoe shopping and the fact that this company offers free shipping as well as free RETURN shipping is a selling point for me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'll let you know how it all worked out once I receive my package.

  3. Shoes arrived yesterday. Pretty QUICK for FREE shipping. They fit great too. I definitely recommend


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