What to do with the Pork loin, my favorite pork marinades

I'm going to process the pork I purchased today by slicing both 4 pound loins in half . I'll get approximately 8 1" cuts from one and I'll wrap those in bacon and freeze. The other 3 I'll marinade for the freezer in three different recipes. One will be Martha Stewart's Honeyed Butter recipe, the second will be Alton Brown's grilled pork marinade and finally Paula Deen's recipe.

Tomorrow I'll cook the chicken in the crock pot and sort out the meat into two freezer bags for later.


  1. I'm wondering how many meals you think you will get from all of that pork...How many in your household eat pork?

  2. My kids eat pork actually. They call it white steak :-).

    5 at least, possibly 6 meals. So thats $1.66 a meal. 2 meals out of the bacon wrapped loins. And one each of the marinade loins. The marinade loins have the possibility of being two but usually I try and just eat it for lunches. The hubs really liked the Honeyed Butter recipe. Honey wants to burn though so its a hassle. Adding a little bit of water at the end smoothes the honey chunks out.


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