Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Beef and Barley Soup & Biscuits (beef $2 clearance, barley .89, mixed veggies 1, biscuits free)
Tuesday: Chicken Chili & Crescent Rolls (chicken .88, McCormic pack 1.29, beans .89, rolls free)
Wednesday: Sesame Chicken with Sauteed garlic Green Beans (have not found a recipe yet) (chicken .88, green beans 1)
Thursday: Chicken Enchiladas (using leftover chili and a can of green chilis that mom gave me, wraps were .69)
Friday: Pork Chops & Baked Sweet Potatoes ($2 pork, $2 pack of sweet potatoes)
Saturday: L: Chicken Wings / D: Chili Cheese Potato Casserole with Cornbread Casserole
Sunday: L: Hotdog wrapped with Crescent Rolls / D: Italian

I stayed on track last week and doing good. Now if only I could figure out how to get my kids to eat what I make. Seems like they will eat whatever dish I make anywhere else except home.


  1. Somehow you always manage to get the better deal than me! I was thrilled to find wraps for $.89 and there you go and find them for $.69. LOL!

    I found mine at a closeout store that also carries groceries. Expiration dates were pretty good too. Not too close. I'll have to go back and see if this is an item they normally carry. (It was my first time in the store.)

  2. Well that was thanks to the MEGA event at Kroger. They had an Old El Paso product line added to the sale. Combine that with a shortcuts loadable coupon and a paper coupon. I don't normally enjoy such low prices. I usually get my Wraps from Aldi's for $.79 I think.

  3. Shame this isn't Kroger Country over here! LOL!

    I'll have to check Aldi's out for wraps. If I ever manage to get there again.

    I like Aldi for their canned butter beans and kidney beans, since I doctor them up anyway. I also like getting my marshmallows there. They are cheaper than Walmart and a bigger bag too.

    It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to shop there, though. Will have to work on getting there again.


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