Menu Plan Monday

One of these days, I'll figure out how to post the icon. Menu Plan Monday is not my idea but that of a lady named Laura at Although I am sure menu planning has been going on for centuries. I have tried in the past to do my own menu planning before I even knew this blog existed. It has never really come together for me like it has now. Sorta like Weight Watchers I suppose. If you know that somebody else may be watching, you are more likely t0 do it. Right? Anyway, knowing what I'm doing in advance sure does make for a better meal time. I'm more relaxed at dinner time. Therefore my family is more relaxed. I have more time to pay attention to the children. Even my mom has commented (at her last visit) at how much I have my "act" together now. She says, "Wow, you really have this meal planning thing mastered". I owe that to Lara at Orgjunkie.

I have so many canned biscuit products to use up next week from the Kroger sale. I need to think of meal ideas. For the grands, I'm going to break open the pack, lay them all on a cookie sheet and individually freeze them and then store them in a freezer bag. Just like the ones you buy in the freezer section. I'm not so sure this will work for crescent rolls or sweet rolls though.

Here is the line up for this week:

Monday: Pepper Steak
Tuesday: Rosemary Chicken
Wednesday: Taco Dinner
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Cheese Steaks, Fries
Saturday: Crescent Roll wrapped Hot Dogs/Sirloin Roast and twice baked potatoes
Sunday: Hamburgers/ Spaghetti and meat sauce

Keep in mind that my children eat breakfast and lunch at school. Hubby has cereal for breakfast and leftover dinner for lunch. So I really have no need during school to plan these items.


  1. Your menu for this week sounds wonderful! I am so jealous!

    After my successful day today of managing my two hours of Gracie sleeping this morning and getting both lunch and dinner ready as well as a batch of brownies...I have no idea what the read of the week will be as far as meals go.

    Oh, and my kitchen is a mess and I have no desire to clean it up! LOL!

    It never occurred to me that Grands could be frozen! I really should go and stock up on some. I managed to get 2 packs for 75 cents each yesterday. I was reluctant to buy more because of the September expiration date. We were bummed since this winter is going to be a soup and stew winter for us and the biscuits would be a great way to bulk up the meal and at that price, even better!

    I think I may print out more coupons and send Joe back for more.

    I think I need to read your menu again and see if I can get some inspiration for the rest of my week!
    Hugs, Alison

  2. Oh! Forgot to say that I was JUST THINKING about starting WW again...for the accountability thing! LOL! Great minds.....
    hugs, Alison

  3. I think freezing the canned biscuits is a wonderful way to preserve the huge amount of almost free biscuit products purchased over the last two weeks. Although the expiration date on the ones I got say November. I had no idea they lasted that long in the fridge.

  4. Oh, lucky you! November expiration date wouldn't be an issue with us, they'd definitely get used up before then without having to freeze! We love soups and stews with a big ole biscuit! But really, we tend to over eat, and biscuits is one of those items we over eat. Why? Because the packs are 6-8 items and it's just the two of us eating them. Using your freezing idea/method, I only take out and cook the exact number that I need! No more trying to finish a tray of biscuits at one meal!


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