Menu Plan Monday

If I do not have a menu plan, then dinner becomes a hassle. Uninspired and often started late. Lots of minutes staring inside the freezer. I need this plan to stay organized. To ensure I actually make dinner :-). I still feel this meal plan lacks inspiration. I've been this way since we returned from vacation. A mental protest I suppose?

Here it is:

M: Meatloaf /Mashed Potatoes
T: Chicken & Dumplings
W: Veggie Fried Rice/Dumplings; Rice Pudding
Th: Chicken Enchiladas/rice
F: Home Made Pizza
Sat: L - Hot Wings; D - Pepper Steak
Sun: L - Hot Dogs & beans; D - Baked Ziti/bread


  1. This meal plan doesn't seem to lack inspiration to me! But then, I've been barely cooking for the past several months, so anything that takes more than a little reheating in the microwave seems like gourmet to me! haha!

    I've done really great and cooked 4 nights in a row! Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!! Woohoo! We went to Walmart yesterday and didn't feel like cooking and hubby wasn't real hungry so I didn't bother. Tonight may be more of the same since he has a dentist appoinment at 5:00.

    Glad to see you have a blog...I'll get around to it one of these days...maybe then I won't be boring my cousin with my household posts on FB!

    Hugs, Alison


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