Jovial Foods Fig Fruit Cookies Review

I was first introduced to Jovial Foods Gluten Free line of products though Azure Standard.  Ordering though Azure is how I saved myself from early grey hair and death from excess worry (LOL!!!).  Through Azure I do not have to worry about the the lady who thinks, "I-got-here-first-so-I-can-buy-all-the-gluten-free-foods" available for the whole month at our ONLY gluten free product store for 50 miles.  Azure is ordered online once a month and is delivered via tractor trailer at a specified "drop".  For me the drop is just a stones throw down the road.

I have not had a good fig newton type cookie since I was young.  Fig Newtons are what I ate for breakfast EVERY MORNING in high school along with a cup of tea.  Taking the first bite of this cookie took me right back there.  They are so heavenly too.  Anyone would enjoy these cookies, not just gluten free folks. As an added bonus, they are also organic.

So there you have it, the gluten free replacement for Fig Newtons.  Give them a try!  If you live local to me, just let me know and I will bring you over some. 

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