Stouffers Harvest Apples Copycat Recipe

Quick Skillet Apples or otherwise know as Apple Compote

This is my newest copycat recipe for Stouffer's Harvest Apples or Stouffer's Escalloped Apples. The two, heat up quick in the microwave, dishes from Stouffer's were a huge hit in our house pre Celiac diagnosis. If you read my blog, you will know that i've attempted this copycat recipe several times.  THIS is the recipe that we think matches the taste the the best.  Stouffer's uses Jonathan apples though and we can't always get those here.  Granny Smith is a great substitute.  

This recipe is so versatile.  You could serve it over top of pancakes or waffles or along side your dinner as a gluten free alternative to Stouffer's Harvest Apples.


2 to 3 medium apples
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Corn Starch
Dash of Salt
1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice
1 cup Water

2 Fresh Green Granny Smith Apples

Peel Apples

Slice and dice 

Add 1/4 cup Sugar

Add 1 teaspoon Cinnamon

add 1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice

Add cup of water (or apple juice if you have it).
Cook until apples are JUST SOFT.

Mix 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 1 or 2 tablespoons water
until dissolved. Add to pan and stir until thickened.

But wait, where is the finished product?????? 
In the kids' bellies, that is where.  
We enjoyed these so much that we will definitely will be making them again.
Next time I'll take a picture of the finished product before serving!

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