Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Land O Lakes Holiday Recipe Brochure

Have you been to the Land O Lakes web page lately?  I was there looking for coupons to match up to my Kroger sales.  Maybe this tidbit of information is not new.  Maybe it is last years brochure.  I'm not sure, but its new to me.  I was not GF last Christmas.  I will be this Christmas though.

Click HERE to download their new Gluten Free Holiday Recipes.  In this brochure you will find:
  1. Vanilla Glaze Snow Cookies
  2. Chewy Holiday Macaroons
  3. Brownie Holi-Pops
  4. Cinnamon Candy Caramel Corn
  5. Double Drizzled Toffee Crisp Cookies
I even found a cut out sugar cookie recipe that I will be using for my son's birthday.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan Monday - Week of September 27th, 2010

I just can't believe how time flies.  My son will turn 8 in 33 days.  WOW.  It is going to be a super AWESOME Karate Birthday.  I'm deep into the planning phase of things right now.  I feel that you have so few kid birthdays that each one needs to be spectacular.  This one will be no exception.

Chicken Croquets.  I have made gluten free chicken croquettes before and blogged it.  But have not re-visited this idea since.  My newest inspiration to make it again was a result of a blog I subscribe to.  I just love menu plan Monday for inspiration!  I'm going to make this recipe with this newest one in mind. Chicken Croquettes are chicken bits blended with breading of some sort with an egg binder.  Bake or fry them and top with a chicken gravy.  The version I grew up with had them coated in breading but have seen them without.  In my case, I will be breading them and  I'll either make a quick cream gravy using a chicken bouillon or use Progresso Cream of mushroom soup (again, flavored with bouillon to enhance the chicken flavor). Chicken Croquettes remind me of a gluten free non processed version of those pressed chicken part patties you can buy in the store.  I hope my kids will enjoy them as much as my brothers children did growing up!  I'll serve this with mashed potatoes.  Maybe if I get time I'll make a Pumpkin Spice cake.

Cowboy Stew - I have a friend who receives raves every time she serves this dish.  Intrigued, I wanted to give it a try.  The recipe is called stew, but I think it reads more like a soup or chili.  I am going to try  this version because I like the idea of Texas flavor.  I suppose what I'll end up with is another hybrid.  I wonder if my children will like this?  I'll be serving it with Cornbread.

Church Dinner

Parmesan Dijon Chicken - This dish was received in an email from Betty Crocker.  I typically bread my chicken with a combination of parmesan and oat powder to add fiber and nutrition. I personally would like to try the Dijon and see how it tastes with chicken.  Typically, I reserve this preparation for fish.  Served with Mac and Cheese in case my kids decide they do not like it.  I need to make my Pineapple Upside Down Cake so I can post it.

Pizza: My second attempt at a Pamela's crust resulted in the bottom of the crust sticking to the pan.  The pan i use has air holes which apparently is not a good idea for Gluten Free baking?  Well maybe not if you are pushing and pressing the dough into shape on the pan.  Maybe I need to shape the dough and then transfer to the pan?  I need to master this before my son's birthday.

Twice Baked Smothered Pork Chops.  Again, that email from Betty Crocker inspiring me to bring back out a dish we have enjoyed before.  Chops are pan fried with a crust and then left to marinade in the oven until tender in a lovely white wine and cream of mushroom sauce .  Served with Rice a Roni and Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Pasta.  Growing up with an Italian mother means that Sunday's brought three things.  Family visitors, Church and Pasta.  No special deal in preparation.  I'll use my secret special spaghetti sauce, toss a salad and try my hand at some Cheese Bread. Print

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kroger Deals for the Gluten Free Household - September 22 - 28, 2010

Kraft Cheese Singles, Bars or Shreds – $1.99/ea

- $5/5 Kraft Cheese or Dairy Products
Final Price = $0.99/ea when you buy 5

Land O Lakes Butter (1 lb) – $2.78/ea

- $0.50/2 Land O’ Lakes Butter

- $0.50/2 Land O’ Lakes Butter

Final Price = $2.28/ea when you buy 2

Silk SoyMilk or Pure Almond Milk – $2.50/ea

- $0.75/1 Silk Almond Milk

- $0.55/1 Silk Soymilk
Final Price = $1-1.50/ea

Horizon Organic Milk (half gallon) – $2.50/ea

- $1/1 Horizon Organic Product
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Wish Bone Salad Dressing (16 oz) – $1.66/ea
- $0.50/1 Wish-Bone Dressing (IE) Printable (FF)

Final Price = $.66/ea

Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables – $1.25/ea
- $0.50/1 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables

- $0.60/3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables

- $0.60/3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $0.25-.85/ea

Ore-Ida Potatoes 16-32 oz 
- $1.00 Ore-Ida French Fries 

Final Price $1.48

Yoplait Yogurt - $5/10
$0.40/6 Yoplait Yogurt Cups (page 4)
Final Price $.42 each


Ziploc Food Storage Containers – $2.50/ea

- $1.50/2 Ziploc Brand Containers Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $1.75/ea when you buy 2

All Laundry Detergent (32-63 oz)- $2.99/ea

- $1/1 All Free and Clear Laundry Detergent (IE) Printable (FF)

Final Price = $1.99/ea Print

Friday, September 24, 2010

Yoplait Splitz Winner

Using Random.org, I drew the following number as the winner....

Congratulations Christie!  


Yoplait Whips Winner

I had my husband operate the Random Number icon at Random.org today to choose the winner.

Congratulations Alison, you are the Yoplait Whips winner.

This is what Alison had to say....

Congratulations Alison. Print

Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Plan Monday, Week of September 20th

It was an incredibly birthday weekend.  Over 50 birthday wishes on Facebook and on a Saturday even.  How awesome!!!  :-).

We are introducing a SIMPLE menu plan week.  All kid food, all the time.  LOL.  So you will not be getting any unique ideas from me this week.  But rest assured that my kids will LOVE it.  In fact, it may continue though the following week too (Hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza, chicken strips).

Turkey Hamburgers with home made Gluten Free Hamburger Buns, french fries and all the fixins.

Marinaded Sirloin Steak, Baked Potatoes, Broccoli.  Still trying to get to tying out THIS Peanut Butter cake with molten chocolate recipe.
Steak looks fancy for a budget don't it?  I found some awesome pieces of steak on the "managers special" section.  Sirloin, our favorite.  They were pretty large so I divided them and added marinade to freeze.  I will get 4 dinners out of two packs.

Church Dinner

Ham Steak, Macaroni and Cheese Bake, veggies.
The last time I made skillet macaroni and cheese there was HALF left.  So I layered it into a dish with extra cheese shreds and will turn it into a baked dish.

Pamela's Pizza - Still trying to get to this one.  Salad served on the side.  Brownies for dessert.

Lunch: Hot Dogs with Home Made Hot Dog Rolls.  Claire will be in HOT DOG HEAVEN with her own bun.  I finally got that pan that I have been wanting to make her rolls with.  I'll share pics next week.
Dinner: ??????

Lunch: Something in the crock pot (one pot Spaghetti maybe)
Dinner: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Veggies. Print

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yoplait Whips! Review and Giveaway

I received the opportunity to try Yoplait Whips!, courtesy of My Blog Spark. Yoplait Whips! are unbelievably fluffy and light when enjoyed right from the refrigerator. Bubbly comes to mind when I first tried this item and they really do remind you of a mousse. My Blog Spark and Yoplait Whips! suggested we try them frozen and although I have tried other kiddie yogurts frozen it never occurred to me to try Yoplait Whips!

I actually prefer to freeze our yogurt.  Not only does it preserve the freshness but allows me to keep them at the perfect temperature when its time to enjoy them for a packed lunch. With coupon in hand, I set out to try and freeze the new whips.

What I discovered while I was there was Yoplait Whips! yogurt comes in 9 great flavors.
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Lemon Burst
  • Orange Créme
  • Peaches ‘N Cream
  • Raspberry Mousse
  • Strawberry Mist
  • Vanilla Créme
Included in the prize pack that was sent to me to try out was the most adorable ice cream molds to use while freezing my yogurts into a wonderful frozen treat.  Now I know you can't taste it though the computer, so close your eyes and imagine an orange creme and vanilla creme swirl.  VERY YUMMY.

My son LOVED the chocolate.  Seriously, I'm  not lying.  He loved it.  I love that it was lower in calories and better for him.  I had the opportunity to taste it and it really was creamy and delicious.  The taste is better then the kiddie frozen yogurts we were freezing.  This one tastes just like frozen yogurt ice cream.

This mold is also ideal for the Gluten Free Child.  No worries about ordering speciality cones.  Your child will be perfectly happy using the included molded cones instead.  They look just like a regular cone and a good back up plan.  I just may have to store one in my purse for trips to the mall!

And how about that adorable bag.  It is the canvas type bag we used to carry to the beach as kids only this one is insulated.  I personally think it would be awesome for moms of babies and toddlers to carry the bottles.  I'm thinking it would be the perfect lunch bag too.  How about to carry the Celiac's child's snacks in?  Look at how it zippers at the top to allow for more room?  I'm in love with this adorable bag!


Do you want to try this product for yourself?  My Blog Spark has generously offered my readers a printable coupon to use with their next purchase.  Just click HERE to print yours.  You can also print THIS coupon at coupons.com.


To enter, just tell me which flavor of Yoplait Whips! you would like to try frozen.

For Additional Entries:

Please note:
  • Each entry requires a separate comment.
  • Giveaway ends on Thursday, September 23, 2010.
  • Winner will be selected by Random.org and contacted by email.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize!  
  • Most comments have links to their account.  If you do not have an account to link, make sure I can contact you if you are not returning to check the winner.

Yoplait provided me with the free product to sample, the prize pack and information though MyBlogSpark.

This review is the truth, the whole truth so help me...! The Extraordinary Life blog received no monetary compensation for this review. I was under no obligation to share my thoughts. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way. I did receive a free selection of products in exchange for my HONEST opinions.

Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm 41 years old today and happy to be healthy!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kroger Deals for the Gluten Free Household - September 15 - 21, 2010

Fage Greek Yogurt cup - $1.25
Use $1/1 Fage Greek Yogurt printable coupon
Final Price: $.25/ea

Tostitos Corn Chips - 2/$5
- $1.25/2 Tostitos Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $1.87/ea when you buy 2

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream (48 oz) – $2/ea

- $0.50/1 Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Kroger Frozen Treats (Only select varieties, check label) $1
$.40/1 Kroger eCoupon
Final Price, $.60

Hebrew National Beef Franks – $2.50/ea

- $0.50/1 Hebrew National Kroger eCoupon
Final Price: $2.00/ea

Pepsi Soft Drinks (2 liter) – $0.88/ea
-$0.50/1 Dr. Pepper Kroger eCoupon
- $0.50/2 Pepsi Max or Sierra Mist 2L Bottles Kroger eCoupon
- BOGO Pepsi Max printable
Final Price = $0.19 to 0.63/ea

Tide - $8.99
- $1.00/1 Tide Liquid Detergent Kroger eCoupon

Final Price, $7.99

Bounty Paper Towels 6 or 8 rolls) - $6.99
-$1.00/1 Bounty Paper Towels Kroger eCoupon
Final Price, $5.99

Other Deals
Sanderson Farms Chicken Leg Quarters - $0.47/lb
     (sold in 8 pound bag for $3.76)
Kroger Vegetables - $0.88
Kroger Butter - $2.50
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip, 24 oz — $1.88

Freshlike Can Vegetables - $0.50
Kroger Orange Juice (Gallon) - $2.99
Kroger Cheese - BOGO
Kroger Coffee - $5.49


Yoplait Splitz Picnic Prize Pack Giveaway

I received the following message in my mail box two weeks ago from MyBlogSpark with the opportunity to review the new Yoplait Splitz:
"Now you can drive past your local sweet shop without looking back. Yoplait Splitz is the new yogurt that tastes like a sundae. Providing all of the goodness of 100% real yogurt, Yoplait Splitz is a good source of calcium and vitamin D. With no artificial flavors or sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup, this 90 calorie dessert is the treat your family craves.
For an even "cooler" experience, just pop a Yoplait Splitz in the freezer and in a few hours you can enjoy a cool, creamy cup of authentic frozen yogurt. Available in three delicious flavor combinations including Strawberry Sundae, Strawberry Banana Split, and Rainbow Sherbet, Yoplait Splitz is sure to have your family screaming for more."
I was intrigued with the idea of Rainbow Sherbet flavor.  Sherbet is my daughters favorite and I just knew she would like it.  You see, yogurt at my house comes back home in the lunch box uneaten.  So I took my coupon and ran out to the store to pick up some of the new Yoplait Splitz.  I saved two for the refrigerator (one for each kid) and put two in the freezer.  My plan was to pack the yogurt in the lunch bag and see what they thought.

How did my children feel about the new Yoplait Splitz?

Hey, did you eat both of those out of the fridge?
They were good mommy, I can't wait to try them frozen!

He let me have a taste and the texture was more creamy and less tart than your ordinary yogurt. I am going to have to get another pack so my daughter can try them refrigerated.  Yes, they are also "safe" for my Celiac daughter.  But NEVER take my word for it.  Just look on the package and see for yourself.

See the "Gluten Free" on the bottom right?  I always feel better seeing that there.  Yoplait Splitz also happens to be free of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Another ingredient we try and do without.

I noticed that they came in Strawberry Banana Split and Strawberry Sundae.  I would LOVE to try the Banana Split flavor.

Buy it:

You can buy the new Yoplait Splitz in your favorite grocery store.  You will find them along side the other Yoplait brand yogurts.  MyBlogSpark has generously offered THIS $0.75/1 coupon for you to download and print . I have also found coupons at Yoplait.com for $0.50/1 and at coupons.com (page 6 for me) for $0.75/2.

Win it:

One lucky winner will receive a Yoplait Prize Pack like the one above.

This is no ordinary bag.  It is a waterproof Activo Insulated Tote made by Picnic Time.  This is a nice quality bag with plenty of room.  Just pack it up and take it to the beach.  Or how about sporting events?  Instead of carrying all those heavy chairs across the field at Soccer, just pack your bag and bring the included blanket.  Let's not forget long car trips.  Pack it up with your cold items and take it to parties.  If you have a Celiac child, you know what I'm talking about.  It is a very versatile and stylish bag.  The color above is a "Red Clay" with caramel interior.

Lets not forget the roll up fleece picnic blanket.  Its backing is made of Nylon with an upper fleece.  It snaps closed and has a carry handle and shoulder strap.  Size is approximately 50"x58".

  • To enter, just tell me which flavor of Yoplait Splits you would like to try.

For Additional Entries:
  • Follow @YoplaitYogurt and @Extraodinrylife on Twitter.  Tweet something like: #Win a #giveaway of a Yoplait Splitz Prize Pack @Extraodinrylife  - sponsored by @yoplaityogurt through #myblogspark . (Leave me a comment and let me know you have done so).
  • Like Yoplait on Facebook and share this giveaway on their page. (Leave me a comment and let me know you have done so).
  •  (Leave me a comment and let me know you have done so).
  • Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect. (Leave me a comment and let me know you have done so).

Please note:

  • Each entry requires a separate comment.
  • Giveaway ends on Thursday, September 23, 2010.
  • Winner will be selected by Random.org and contacted by email.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to respond to claim your prize!

Yoplait provided me with the free product to sample, the prize pack and information though MyBlogSpark.

This review is the truth, the whole truth so help me...!  The Extraordinary Life blog received no monetary compensation for this review.  I was under no obligation to share my thoughts.  The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.  I did receive a free selection of products in exchange for my HONEST opinions.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stouffers Harvest Apples Copycat Recipe

Quick Skillet Apples or otherwise know as Apple Compote

This is my newest copycat recipe for Stouffer's Harvest Apples or Stouffer's Escalloped Apples. The two, heat up quick in the microwave, dishes from Stouffer's were a huge hit in our house pre Celiac diagnosis. If you read my blog, you will know that i've attempted this copycat recipe several times.  THIS is the recipe that we think matches the taste the the best.  Stouffer's uses Jonathan apples though and we can't always get those here.  Granny Smith is a great substitute.  

This recipe is so versatile.  You could serve it over top of pancakes or waffles or along side your dinner as a gluten free alternative to Stouffer's Harvest Apples.


2 to 3 medium apples
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Tablespoon Corn Starch
Dash of Salt
1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice
1 cup Water

2 Fresh Green Granny Smith Apples

Peel Apples

Slice and dice 

Add 1/4 cup Sugar

Add 1 teaspoon Cinnamon

add 1/2 teaspoon Lemon Juice

Add cup of water (or apple juice if you have it).
Cook until apples are JUST SOFT.

Mix 1 tablespoon cornstarch with 1 or 2 tablespoons water
until dissolved. Add to pan and stir until thickened.

But wait, where is the finished product?????? 
In the kids' bellies, that is where.  
We enjoyed these so much that we will definitely will be making them again.
Next time I'll take a picture of the finished product before serving!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 13th, 2009


Taco Night.  Its going to be a busy night so I need the quick and easy dinner.  It was either this or hamburgers.  I'm fresh out of bread mix so Taco it is.  I am going to give that Warm Carmel Apple Cake a try tonight.  Never got a chance to try it last time.  We have a huge busy night tonight with Karate, Soccer and Cubs all lined up.  Coming home to a nice dessert would be great.


Pork Chop Suey.  I will never forget the first time my husband tried this.  He looked at me and said, "please make this again".  LOL.  I will serve it with brown rice and brown rice pudding for dessert.


Church Dinner


Ham Steak and home made Macaroni and Cheese.  I think the Peanut Butter and Chocolate cake is going to be on the menu tonight.


Pizza night again.  Last week we did not make pizza on friday.  I forgot that my husband would not be home for dinner so the kids had a quickie dinner instead.  It's the second try at Pamela's tonight along with a nice salad.


Lunch: Game Day, Lunch Out.

Dinner: My Birthday.  Should I cook today?  I'm thinking I should eat out AGAIN.  No cooking for me on my birthday :-)  I'm 41 today and happy to be old and healthy!!!


Lunch: One-pot spaghetti.  Last week I found this link from Org Junkie's linkup.  I have made this sort of thing before in the crock pot.  It takes allot of liquid to cook up the gluten free pasta properly.   I think I'll toss this in the crock pot before church and arrive home to a hot lunch.

Dinner:  I never did get a chance to make the gluten free pierogi made into pot stickers.  I want to blend this recipe from Celiac Teen in with this one from Alton.  My son LOVES potstickers so if this works, we will be golden!!!!  I wonder if I can get some rice papers and make egg rolls and dip them in a Tempora batter to give them a more authentic feel?

Need more ideas:

  • Laura at OrgJunkie.com hosts Menu Plan Monday every week. You’ll find links to hundreds of meal plans there.
  • Heather at CeliacFamily.com is hosting Gluten-Free Menu Swap this week. Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness manages the headquarters of Gluten-Free Menu Swap. There you will find the rules, the current and upcoming schedule, and links to past roundups.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bloggy Love - My favorite posts for the week...

I have been saving a bunch of great recipe posts in my mail box for a few days now.   I decided its high time I shared all of the wonderful ideas I stumbled upon this week.  Here are my favorite posts this week:

A Year of Slow Cooking posted this Peanut Butter Cup Cake Recipe back in April.  For some reason I'm only seeing it this week.  Now that school is back, I see this recipe coming in very handy. Going to parties with a celiac child means you probably should bring a dessert that SHE can eat.  This one has molten chocolate on the bottom.  Who does NOT love warm dessert????  I think this dessert will be more popular than whatever is being served.  And that is exactly what I look for in a dessert.  It must outshine the gluten desserts!!!

Under the Big Oak Tree featured this Banana Cake recipe this week.  It reminds me of my Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake.  Only this recipe uses bananas and yogurt instead.  No EGGS, what an awesome idea!!!  Oh, and lets not forget chocolate. I'm pretty sure that my kids will eat anything with chocolate in it. This combination makes this cake a sure fire winner with the kids.  I can't wait to bake this up and let the kids give me their opinion.  This recipe is not Gluten free, don't let that stop you from making it. All my best ideas come from gluten using chefs!!!

This idea and blog is not a new one.  Why then is it I am only hearing about this now?  My son picked up a copy of a check out mini style cook book  from Betty Crocker.  "Mommy, aren't these cool"?  Yes, indeed they are.  Paula Deen was featuring Bakerella in this book with her fabulous Cake Pop's.  They were Pumpkin's on a stick.  I'm in love with this idea for the Celiac Child.  Definitely going to give this a try gluten free.  Its not for the faint of heart though. I have read about lots of flops and crumbled pops.  I'm going to give them the old Girl Scout try though.  I think if my daughter brought these in to school, they would outshine the gluten cupcakes for sure!!!

Elana's Pantry posted a stuffed peppers recipe this week that I thought was an excellent idea.  She is stuffing her peppers with ground turkey. Some of you may already know that ground turkey is my new ground choice.  Add to that my favorite spices: Cilantro, Cumin and Chili Powder.  Sounds wonderful don't you think?  I knew Elana's Pantry had wonderful baking recipes using Almond Flour.  I guess I did not think to look at her Entrees.  I personally love almonds and am in love with the idea of making my pancakes and carrot cake from almond flour.  Using Almond flour is not just a Celiac thing either.  Those who are diabetic or just want to be healthy or low carb could try these great ideas.  

Follow that up with this great Cauliflower Rice idea.  Two great ideas in one week from the same blog.  For me, that is rare.  I LOVE cauliflower.  I have made a version of this recipe before and loved it.  I also love the idea of "hiding" veggies in my food.  You all know how my son HATES to eat his veggies.  This also reminds me of the time I hid cauliflower Puree inside the mashed potatoes.  Even my brother in law who does not eat his veggies was fooled.  My sister still laughs about that one.  I put my cauliflower into my food processor feed chute with the small grate bit in.  Results looked just like rice.  

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ideas for getting the House ready for the Holidays

I have been looking around the house and thinking about the holidays lately.

Okay, so you're probably thinking that it's ridiculously early to be thinking about this, I know.  But the planning phase has already started in my head.  September is FLYING by and I hate to rush around for something I had a year to plan for.  Thanksgiving is HUGE deal at my house.  Its my favorite holiday and I LOVE to cook.  I love even more a holiday that is focused on family and food. I want everything to be perfect.  And since we are not rich, planning ahead and keeping an eye out for the decided upon items helps me stick to my budget.
ORE 3 Piece Nesting Table Set

So what CAN I do to spruce up the house?  Well I can get rid of the plant stands we use as end tables for one.

I opened my email this morning and a fellow blogger was mentioning end tables on her recent blog post.  So I clicked the link that lead me to CSN Stores.  I like CSN Stores.  I purchased my daughter her first kitchenette there.  It was something I could not find in stores.

While browsing, I found a nice set of end tables.  It is also very reasonably priced at $60.99 including Free Shipping.  Here out in the middle of nowhere, free shipping ROCKS!

Add caption
This other table is cute too.  See the feet on the bottom?  So instead of the plant stand I can roll out the hideaway table.

End tables are just one of the items on my list.  I have rugs to clean, curtains to consider.  Maybe even paint a wall or two.  Will I get around to painting? I've lived in this house for a year.  It's still painted in the "sell this house" neutral.  My mom loves the color, I'm not so fond of it.

I will be keeping my eye out for good deals to spruce up the house.  So be on the lookout.  I'll be sure to pass the good deals along.  Let me know what is on your list, OK? Print

Friday, September 10, 2010

Seriously Good Coffee Flavored Ice Cream with no Egg

This ice cream reminds me of the Carmel Mocha Java Chillers from Sonic.  It is so super rich and flavorful.  Why bother wasting the gas?  For the cost of a cup of coffee you can have this wonderful treat without leaving your home.

Every morning after the coffee rush hour at our house, I always have about a cup's worth of coffee left.  Usually it gets dumped down the drain or fead to the plants outside.  I was thinking though, why not take this leftover and and make ice cream?  Great idea right? Good, lets go.....

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 cup half and half
1 cup of Coffee, strong brew of your preferred brand
2/3's cup Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract

  • Take the 1 cup of coffee and add the sugar.  Stir until sugar is melted.  If coffee is not hot enough, place in microwave for a minute.  
  • Add the coffee and remaining ingredients into the ice cream machine.  
  • Freeze mixture according to the instructions for your unit.
  • Mixture will not freeze hard in the machine.  Once the volume has increased by 1/2 to 3/4 times, and has reached the consistency of soft serve ice cream, spoon the mixture into a lidded container and place in freezer to harden (at least 1 hour before serving).

Print Print

Thursday, September 9, 2010

White Collar White Collection Sweepstakes Laptop

I was watching White Collar last night and noticed that this weeks giveaway was an Apple MacBook.  They are giving away 10.  Giveaway is from September 10th to the 13th.  Just click HERE to sign up.

Ordinarily I am not the sort of person who sign's up for contests.  I went against my rules this one time at the Back To School Giveaway bash and won a laptop.

I'd love for one of my readers to win this one above to "pay it forward".   Print

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kroger Deals for the Gluten Free Household - September 8 - 14, 2010

John Morelle (now Gluten Free) - $1
- $1.00/2 On their Facebook Page
Final Price = $$0.50

Rotel — $1
- $0.50/2 Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $0.75 each

Hunt’s Tomatoes, 14.5 oz — $.89
- $0.50/2 Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $0.64 each

Sobe Lifewater — $1

- $2/10 SoBe Lifewater or Juice Drinks Kroger eCoupon
- B1G1 Sobe Lifewater
 (play to win coupon)
Final Price: As low as $.50/ea

Hebrew National Beef Franks – $2.50/ea

- $0.50/1 Hebrew National Kroger eCoupon
Final Price: $2.00/ea

Tostitos Tortilla Chips – $2.99/ea

- $1.25/2 Tostitos Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $2.37/ea when you buy 2

Pepsi Soft Drinks (2 liter) – $0.88/ea
-$0.50/1 Dr. Pepper Kroger eCoupon
- $0.50/2 Pepsi Max or Sierra Mist 2L Bottles Kroger eCoupon
- BOGO Pepsi Max printable
Final Price = $0.19 to 0.63/ea

Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop50 Juice (6 pk or 59 oz) – $2.50/ea

- $1/2 Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop50 Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $2.00/ea when you buy 2

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream (48 oz) – $2/ea

- $0.50/1 Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $1.50/ea

Fleischmann’s or Parkay Margarine – $1/ea

- $0.25/1 Fleishmann’s or Parkay Sleeves or Bowls Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $0.75/ea

Tide - $8.99
- $1.00/1 Tide Liquid Detergent Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $7.99

Downy Fabric Softener (52-60 loads) - $4.99
- $0.50 Downy Fabric Softener Kroger eCoupon
Final Price = $3.99

Kroger Orange Juice — $1.66
Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream or Dip, 24 oz — $1.88

Kroger Vegetables, can — $.66/ea

Kroger Peanut Butter — $1

Kroger Vegetables — $.88

Organic Mini Carrots, 16 oz — $2

Organic Romaine Hearts, 3 ct — $2.99


Monday, September 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Week of September 6th

I almost completely forgot about it being Monday.  The holiday threw me off.  So I had better get planning what to have for dinner and lunches.

Soccer season started so that means Monday: Karate & Cubs, Tuesday: Soccer, Wednesday: Church, Thursday: Karate & Soccer, Friday: FREE.   Its a super crazy time for us.  Dinner will be started around here at 1:30.  The kids will be fed at 3:30 when they get home.  And then maybe a snack when we mozy on home at about 7.  It is not ideal, I like to eat as a family.  We will just have to settle with family DESSERT!!!  You will find me creating dessert every other day for just this purpose.

Lunch: Hotdogs and Baked Beans

Dinner: Turkey Meatloaf.  I never did get to make this. We had turkey burgers instead. The meat is defrosted now though so it MUST get done today.   I'm going to take this opportunity to make two and freeze one for another time.  We will serve it with mashed potatoes and brownie bites made from BC's GF mixfor dessert.  I found a new mini square muffin pan that would be great for this purpose.  I want to make a huge bunch so they can be packed in lunches.

Lunch: Home Made Luncheables

Dinner: Chicken Cutlets.  I will bread the chicken breasts with GF Oat Flour and Parmesan Cheese.  This is our favorite way to have our chicken cutlets.  I'll cook up some quick and easy skillet apples and blog a tutorial later in the week.

Lunch: Brown Rice, Green Beans, Orange Slices

Dinner:  Church Dinner (I believe its cheese burgers, so I'll be doing some roll baking).

Lunch: Green Salad with Dressing, Apple Sauce, Cookies

Dinner: Remember that Sam's Club Gluten Free Mozzarella & Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage? Well there is still some in the freezer. It was extremely good!!! Serving it the same way, on a bed of Caramelized Peppers and onions and home made Rice a Roni on the side.  Warm Carmel Apple Cake for dessert.

Lunch: Mini Pizza's (Luncheable Style).  It's pizza day at school and I'd hate for my daughter to miss out!!!

Dinner:   Remember Friday's is pizza night?  Well last weeks tapioca starch pizza was a massive failure.  Both of my Gluten eating boys told me it was the worst ever.  LOL.  An Extraordinary Flop if you will, Haha.    Hey, I should start a thread with my Extraordinary flops.  They want me to re-visit the Pamela's crust with less spices and maybe make the pie bigger so the crust is not as thick.  Next week, I'm going to head over to Linda's place and try HER recipe.

LunchVegetarian Pasta E. Fagioli Soup

Dinner: Its Vegetarian themed but I have no idea what.  I need to find some vegetarian bloggers to follow for ideas.  Remember those chocolate cookies I  ordered from Pamela's?  Well they will make an appearance in a fabulous Gluten Free Oreo Pie for dessert!

Lunch: Hot Wings and Mac & Cheese

Dinner: Chicken and Dumplings Print

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I recently saw this product below in a newsletter sent to my email by Pamela's Products.  The product is called Pamela's Products Simplebites Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies.  It may not have been a new product, but for some reason I never "noticed" them before.  Typically I need to try them before I buy them.  But extreme chocolate, that sounds convincing enough to me.

I noticed that the Back to School 25% off discount is still good until September 11th.  So I ordered them.

Here is the same deal deal I worked up for the chocolate chip cookies.

Simplebites Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies, 7 oz. pouches (pack of 6)

Sale Price: $16.92 (must look for Prime listing, as in link below)
Subtract - $1.69 Back to School Promotion
Subtract - $2.54 Subscribe and Save (I signed up for every 6 months delivery)

Final Price: $12.69 with 2 day shipping for 6 pouches

Thats $2.11 per 7 ounce bag.  AWESOME!

Side note.  You should not be afraid to sign up for subscribe and save program.  You are in charge of your shipments.

My kids polished off a whole bag in ONE DAY.  This product even has my Gluten eating Son's two thumbs up.  And that is not an easy thing to do.  I see Chocolate pie crusts in my future!!

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